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Dive site name: El Bajo

Location: Cabo Pulmo, Sea of Cortez - Mexico
Date of dive:
Profile: 60ft
Visiblity: 30-100ft
Type of dive: Reef dive
Dive site rating:

Diver ability: Novice
Dive operator used: Vista Sea Sport


A nice drift over a shallow reef system. The most impressive part of this dive is the sheer quantity of life. Schools of Snapper, Goatfish, Porkfish, and even Pufferfish are standard. Occasionally imense groups of Big Eyed Jacks come to play, as do Sealions, and even schools of Golden Cow Nose Rays & Mobula Manta. For the Macro lover, Nudibranch, Seahorse and Frogfish are some of the smaller highlights.

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