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Scuba dive Hin Daeng Thailand
Scuba dive Hin Daeng Thailand
Scuba dive Hin Daeng Thailand

Dive site name: Hin Daeng

Location: Krabi, Thailand
Date of dive: 16/10/2006
Profile: Multilevel
Visiblity: Excellent
Type of dive: Reef dive
Dive site rating:

Diver ability: Advanced
Dive operator used: Aqua Vision


Without doubt one of Thailands best dive sites. Located southwest of the Phi Phi Islands it out of range for the big dive boats, and is visited exclusively from Ao Nang beach by Flybridge Speedboat.

Only the extreme tip of this huge pinnacle protrudes above the surface. It has only been in the last few years that divers have begun visiting this area drawn to its remote location by the almost constant presence of Whale Sharks and Manta Rays, as well as large schools of other species of fish and sharks.

The Southern side of the pinnacle drops off almost straight down to a depth of over 60 meters making it the deepest wall dive in Thailand. This unusual rock is teeming with smaller sea life, a sparse coating of soft corals and a few sea fans, yet seems almost barren when compared with the rest of the site. It is a good place to hang out for Whale Sharks and Manta sightings though.

The Eastern side gently slopes off along two long narrow ridges until they disappear into unreachable depths. By descending along the wall to a depth of 30 meters you are likely to encounter huge schools of Trevallies, Jacks and Tuna sometimes so thick they appear as a solid wall of silver. Large Barracudas sweep past the ridge as they stalk the feeding Needle-Fish and Long Toms. The sheer amount of marine life you find here makes the long journey worth every minute.

Review courtesy of:
Chris Dawson - OWSI

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