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Scuba dive Hin Muang Thailand
Scuba dive Hin Muang Thailand
Scuba dive Hin Muang Thailand

Dive site name: Hin Muang

Location: Krabi, Thailand
Date of dive: 16/10/2006
Profile: Multilevel
Visiblity: Excellent
Type of dive: Reef dive
Dive site rating:

Diver ability: Advanced
Dive operator used: Aqua Vision Dive Center


Hin Muang (Purple Rock) is totally submerged and is located just a few hundred meters north of Hin Daeng. This unique dive site is so completely covered with lush purple soft corals that it actually seems to glow, and it attracts the most incredible amount of marine life you'll find anywhere. Compared with the relatively barren rocks of Hin Daeng it's as if you are swimming in an entirely different ocean and not just a short distance away.

This limestone pinnacle stretches for more than 200 meters in length and in some places is less than 20 meters in width. The almost vertical walls are carpeted with anemones and colorful sea fans and the numerous little caves, ledges, and rocky outcroppings provide shelter for virtually every underwater creature found in Southeast Asia, and seems to be a magnet for every Manta Ray in the region, with Mantas regularly in groups of 5 or more hanging out here for days.

Review courtesy of:
Chris Dawson - OWSI

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