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Dive site name: Ko Ha Caverns

Location: Krabi, Thailand
Date of dive: 15/10/2006
Profile: Cavern
Visiblity: 20-40 meters
Type of dive: Reef dive
Dive site rating:

Diver ability: Intermediate
Dive operator used: Aqua Vision Dive Center


This group of stunning and remote islands is situated about a 1 and a half hour speedboat trip from Ao Nang beach.

Koh Ha a favourite sites as there are (nearly) always very favourable conditions, and you can spend your surface interval snorkelling or sunbathing in a place of outstanding natural beauty.

Depths range here from 3 to 34 metres with an abundance of marine life attracted by the Islands swiss cheese like labyrinth of small caves and caverns. Our personal favourite is a cavern with two entrances at 5 and 16 metre depths. The cathedral like interior of this cave stretches 30 metres above the surface, and light filtering in through the water creates a magical atmosphere. Whilst inside this cave the surface is accessible at any time so even the less experienced diver can visit this truly unforgettable site.

Review courtesy of:
Chris Dawson - OWSI

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