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Scuba diving South Africa

Sharks, whales, dolphins, giant turtles and coral reefs are just some of the things to see when visiting South Africa on a dive holiday. South Africa has one of the most diverse marine environments on the planet and no matter what the time year, there is always something to see. Dive the waters of the Southern Cape, known for Great White cage diving, to the beautiful coral reefs along the subtropical eastern coastline - South Africa is bound to tame even the most experienced diver.

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Scuba diving the Cayman Islands

Anyone visiting the Cayman Islands for the first time will find little evidence of Hurricane Ivan ever being here. Grand Cayman has rebuild itself remarkable well, and although parts of the islands skyline are somewhat "shorter" than before, the island has'nt changed too much. The combination of good weather, short boat rides and reasonable diving make the Cayman Islands an excellent choice for divers.

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Scuba diving in Iceland

Scuba dive IcelandIceland is located at the peak of the North Atlantic Ridge, which separates the Continents of America and Eurasia and stretches through the whole ocean. Apart from the fantastic nature and the amazing landscapes above the water surface, with geysers, waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes and a lot more, Iceland offers magnificent diving. There are still only a few people that know about the diving here, which makes this destination one of the few hidden treasures - away from the mainstream destinations.

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Dive the Turks and Caicos Islands

Scuba diving Turks and CaicosThe Turks and Caicos Islands are situated just south of the Bahamas chain and offer divers a wealth of superb Caribbean style diving. The islands provide dramatic wall diving along with an array of marine life, including migrating whales, Caribbean reef sharks, eagle rays and beautiful corals. The main island, Providenciales, has excellent hotels, most of which are situated along Grace Bay's 12 miles of pearly white beaches. The islands are quiet and have often been referred to as "Cayman 20 years ago". Don't expect shopping malls.

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